We believe in supporting our community as well as our membership and we have several committees set up to aid in the support we provide.  The Chamber also fundraises to help in hosting events along with offering value to our members with the quarterly Speaker Series.

The Trade & Recreation Fair Committee was founded to research the possibility of hosting a bi-annual Trade Show in McLennan.  The Committee is in the process of planning the first Trade Fair for Sept 24th, 2016.  In order to fund this Trade Fair, the committee has now hosted 3 fun community events to build the momentum, get the word out and promote a sense of community!

The Planning Committee is a new sub-committee  of the Chamber formed to discuss options and possibilities within the Town of McLennan in regards to commercial, industrial and community zoned areas of the Town.  Members of this planning committee include Town Councillors, members of the Leisure & Recreation Society, Chamber members and other interested parties.

The McLennan & District Chamber of Commerce manages the highway signage at the East and West entrances to the Town of McLennan.  Any business or organization interested in advertising along the highway entrances must organize this with the Chamber.  Please contact us for more information.

Trade & Recreation Fair

The Christmas Passport is a program the McLennan & Chamber District of Commerce organizes every December to promote local shopping within the Town of McLennan at participating retail locations.  Citizens and other entrants collect stamps from participating retail locations to be entered into a $500 Shopping Spree draw!  The winner is drawn and announced on Santa Days.

The Community Calendar is a fundraiser for the McLennan & District Chamber of Commerce.  The Chamber seeks advertising spots from local businesses and sells the calendars to community members.  Meeting dates, event dates, birthdays, anniversaries and memorials may be added to the calendar for all the community to know!

Membership in the McLennan & District Chamber of Commerce is voluntary and open to any business or individual with an interest in business.  Memberships renew on December 1st annually and can be paid by cash or cheque or by other pre-arrangements. 


Community Calendars
Christmas Passport